Battling Tick Action Figures From Shocker Toys Make Us Say 'Spoooonnnn!'

Hide your eyes from that blinding Blue Light-Special of Justice, known as the Tick! Yes, Shocker Toys has once again brought the Hero of Heroes into our homes once more in action figure from. He has recently been released in the 2nd series of Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes figures, and we managed to snag the man himself AND his Mucus-made clone (an Idle Hands Blog-Exclusive) during our trip to Toy Fair. Are you guys ready for a review?! Hell yes, you are! First, let’s meet the arch-enemies:

The Tick is the metaphor-spewing brainchild of Ben Edlund and is the main character in a series of comic books, animated, and live action TV series. He protects The City and all its inhabitants from evil forces of all kinds. His thirst for justice is unquenchable and his hunger to defeat evil is best served with his intimidating battle cry of “SPOOOOONNNN!”

Mucus Tick, on the other hand, is made of snot. Of course, as we all know, boogers are inherently evil and so is this doppelganger. Aliens created this monstrosity from the Tick’s old tissues. Hey, don’t get any wise ideas! These tissues were used by the Tick to blow his nose while under the attack of a nefarious cold! Anyway, Mucus Tick is nigh-unstoppable thanks to his gelatinous shape-changing abilities along with all of the Tick’s strength!

Much like the art stylings of the comic and animated series, the sculpt for these figures is simple but effective. They are a completely new sculpt, due in no small part to the huge stature needed to convey the ever-ready foe of darkness and his tissue-tearing twin. The facial expressions are spot-on with a full smile and wide-open eyes for the Tick and a… well, Mucus tick is smiling too, but it’s menacing! The musculature is well defined, and is a nice mix of realistic and cartoony proportions much in the same way Marvel Legends/LCBH have skirted the line in the past.

Paint? What paint?! Almost no paint apps have been used on either figure. This is practically unheard of in this day and age of intricate paintwork, drybrushing, airbrushing, washes, and any other terms that could be mistaken for pillow talk; but, it works in this case. Both Ticks have been molded in their appropriate color with only their faces feeling the loving touch of a paintbrush. Thankfully, the paintwork is clean here, because otherwise it would have been a disaster. Each tooth is outlined, helping to give an animated appearance and really manages to help the Tick seem more like a quality toy. With Mucus Tick’s translucent plastic, no detailing is needed, but the “Wild Blue Yonder” could have benefitted from some darker blue airbrushing to bring out the sculpt, if we were nitpicking…which we are.

Articulation is definitely a strong-suit for the Tick and his snot-laced doppelganger! Not only are the figures packed with movement, but the joints all move fluidly. Thanks to the plastic used by Shocker they stay tight even though they feel as if they should be loose. Weird, right?! We know! It’s like we’re out of our friggin’ minds! These toys have obviously caused irreparable harm to our ability to describe things. Our apologies for that. Anyway, here’s the articulation rundown: ball-joint head, ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinge elbows, ball-joint wrists, ball-joint torso, ball-joint waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, & ball-joint ankles!

Both versions of the Tick are packaged with an extra head, and extra set of hands, and a Stop sign that appears to have been freshly torn from the very streets of The City! The extra heads are the same for both figures (one happy, and one full of evil intent) and are swappable thanks to a ball-joint. The extra hands have holes running through them in order to hold the included stop sign. The hands are simple to pop on and off, but the sign is a little tougher to manage. You need to remove either the sign or the “concrete” debris from the post and then slide the Tick’s hands around it. The sign is made of very slender plastic, and to avoid snapping it, we found it best to twist the post as you slip it into… geez, that’s an incredibly filthy set of instructions! The Tick would be ashamed! Just put the sign in his hands however you want! It’s just there for bashing bad guys anyway!

All in all, these Tick figures are very good representations of their source material. The variety that Shocker is offering in their Indie Spotlight lines is a nice change of pace, and we can’t wait to get the rest of Series 2! In fact, there is an insert folded up in the bottom of the blister package that details how you can send in for a free figure of Arthur (Tick’s sidekick) if you purchase the entire second wave of figures! Bad guys should start trembling in fear! For more info, simply go to:

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