A Game of Thrones Gets Its First (Unofficial) App

While the TV series Game of Thrones may be debuting this April on HBO, the original George R. R. Martin novel was originally published way back in 1996. When was the last time you read it? Fans looking forward to the series are left with two choices: watch the show with somewhat unfamiliar eyes, or break out that book to read it one more time (it's worth it).  Many fans have started reading, but with a 694 page count (835 paperback), not everybody has the time to get through this novel. For the latter crowd, there is still hope.

Released in both the iOS and Android app stores, the Game of Thrones Companion serves as an easy, $0.99 refresher to the lands of Westeros and beyond. The app is a fan-compiled  encyclopedia of creative commons sourced background information. Included is every character and house covered in all of the Song of Ice and Fire series books published to date. It's an immense collection of information, so be warned, there are spoilers abound from all four books. It's the perfect way to bone up on your trivia before Game of Thrones becomes what everybody is talking about.

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