Fans Rally to Help Nathan Fillion Buy 'Firefly'

Just last week, Nathan Fillion made a casual comment to Entertainment Weekly about reprising the role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Fillion was quoted as saying, “If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet.”

This passing remark whipped Browncoats into a frenzy and so the ‘Help Nathan Buy Firefly’ movement was born. Spurred by Firefly’s return to cable, the plan is to rally fans together and eventually get Fillion himself on board. With almost 45,000 Facebook supporters after less than a week, this project is only just gaining steam. Donation pledges are being accepted, although no money has exchanged hands. In response to the article Jose Molina and Jane Espenson, both writers of Firefly episodes, tweeted that their time and support would be available.

Fillion has always been open about his interest in bringing Firefly back to life. On his current project, ABC’s Castle, there are numerous references to Firefly, including Fillion dressed in his Captain’s uniform. Fillion frequently speaks fondly of his time on Serenity and would be happy to return.

Fillion offered the number $300 million -- although purchasing the rights would be significantly less than that. Keep in mind that this is a purchase estimate, not how much it would take to actually fund the show. The real hurdle would be persuading 20th Century Fox to give up the rights to Firefly.

Some fans have brought up the question of whether this is a worthy cause. A similar reaction occurred after the successful funding for a Robocop statue in Detroit. Comic writer Ron Marz remarked on Twitter, “$50,000 could do a lot more immediate good, like keeping people fed.” To show he meant it, Marz then started RoboCharity. The campaign focuses on the non-profit Forgotten Harvest, but encourages donations to any charity of your choice.

‘Help Nathan Buy Firefly’ can be found on Facebook or at their official website.

You can’t stop the signal.

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