Netflix & CBS Geek Out, Introducing 'Star Trek' & 'The Twilight Zone' To Instant Streaming!

Netflix isn’t shy when it comes to busting out that wallet. In fact, back in December they offered any network interested $100,000 per episode of original content to make an appearance on their Instant Streaming service! And now, it looks like that invitation has worked out pretty well for them.

CBS has jumped on board signing a new 2-year agreement with Netflix to bring geek classics like the Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Twin Peaks to Instant Streaming devices everywhere. The addition of Star Trek is huge news, not only will it include the original series but, all generations of the hit show will be available to all Netflix customers via Instant Streaming! Yea that’s right Trekkies, whether it’s The Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager you want to watch, Netflix and CBS will have you covered!

The new deal will last 2 years and, if CBS wants to, they can renew the deal for another 2 years if they see fit. Also, if CBS chooses to add more shows, Netflix is ready to compensate the network appropriately. The list of CBS programming coming to Instant Streaming is pretty long. New shows like Medium and Flashpoint will be available along with full seasons of “iconic” series’ like Frasier, Family Ties, and Cheers. The list goes on to include the original Hawaii Five-O and 60’s classic The Andy Griffith Show.

The new CBS lineup will be available to all Netflix customers beginning this April, even the streaming-only subscribers out there will have access for only $7.99 per month! This deal makes Netflix the only premium streaming service to include programming from all four of the major broadcast networks. Not even Hulu, which is co-owned by 3 of the 4 major networks, has all this content. Way to go Netflix, you’ve really put that wallet to work.

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