There's No Disguising That MOTUC Preternia Disguise He-Man Is A Great Action Figure!

Preternia He-Man is like the genetically-mutated forbidden offspring of Hulk Hogan and the Hamburglar. Regardless of the face you’re making right now, we meant that as a compliment. This figure comes to collectors as part of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line and is only available to those lucky thousands that subscribed to the yearly subscription on Matty Collector… and to unbelievably lucky toy bloggers! As an exclusive, this He-man fits the bill as both a cool addition to MOTUC, but also one that non-subscriber’s aren’t gonna be shanking people for at SDCC, and that’s always a bonus. Let’s get right into this review of Preternia He-Man, starting with the bio from the back of his package:

Using the combined power of the Central Tower with the newly invented Cosmic Key, the Sorceress disguised He-Man and sent him back to Preternia – a time when his ancestor King Grayskull fought for freedom against the Horde invaders and Snake Men from the Nameless Dimension. Quickly allying himself with Grayskull and the wizard-warrior He-Ro, He-Man aided them in many battles, even turning the tide at the First Ultimate Battleground. During this battle he learned the secret to defeating the Snake Men and with this knowledge returned to his own time to finally stop King Hssss once and for all. Disguised in a cloak and mask, He-Man cannot reveal his true identity to his own ancestor.

For a figure of He-Man, there are surprising new additions to the basic sculpt. While the basic body is the same as seen on Battle Armor He-Man, he shares the double wrist bracelets on his forearms with Tri-Clops. The new pieces include” an all new head with cowl, new robed torso that is made of rubber and covers the regular cheat, and a new loincloth piece featuring He-man’s belt with the addition of the lower part of the robe/mini-skirt. The face is really well done, with his mask actually being sculpted instead of just being painted. This gives us a 3rd sculpt for He-Man’s head, after the original and Prince Adam versions. The robe pieces are all made of a pliable rubber, which allows He-Man to retain his full range of movement as well. While an overall simplistic sculpt, the figure really brings across the desired effect.

All of the paintwork on our review copy of Preternia He-Man is clean and correct. Due to his hair and mask all being a part of his face, we fully expected some random sloppage, but none was to be found. Like most MOTUC figures, He-Man is molded in his proper colors whenever possible, with extra paint apps and airbrushing to bring out the details. The coloring for this figure definitely mimics the artwork from the mini-comics, especially noticeable with the boots.

He-Man shares the same tried and true articulation model as most MOTUC figures. Ball-joint neck, swivel/hinged shoulders, hinged elbow, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinged hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and double-hinged “rocker” ankles make up his range of motion. All of the joints work properly and, as previously stated, even the torso hinge works thanks to the soft rubber used for the chest covering. The neck joint is slightly hindered due to the hood, but not anymore than Battle Armor He-Man.

Preternia He-Man comes with 3 accessories: The Power Sword, humongous laser cannon, and the reason everyone wants this figure in the first place – the Cosmic Key! Yep, this piece of time/dimensional travel tech was made famous in the semi-insane Masters of the Universe live-action film. The toy itself rotates 360 degrees just above the handle to simulate it’s time travelin’ action and has some sweet vacuum metalized prongs all around the top.

All in all, this is a cool figure. While having variants of the main hero can get tedious, this version makes a lot more sense and is a tad more understated than a Laser-Attack He-Man or whatever else may end up coming down the pike. If you weren’t involved in the MOTUC subscription offer for this year, then it looks like you’re gonna be hunting on the secondary market for this guy.

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