Will 'Peanuts' Return For All-New Adventures Through Boom! Studios?

Details are sketchy -- and I mean, we've got nothing to go on but a promotional picture at this point -- but it looks like the Peanuts gang are going to have some brand-new adventures:

Boom! Studios, under their newly-branded "Kaboom" kids imprint,  has apparently acquired the license to put out comic books starring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest. Will these be reprints or new stories? If new stories, will they retain the look and feel of the classic comic strip, or be more like the newer animated TV specials?

This is not the first time "Peanuts" has been in comic book form; they've appeared in their own title and in other comics sporadically through the 1950s and 1960s through publishers like Dell and Gold Key (read more about that at Comicartville's excellent history on the "Peanuts" comics). But while other comic strip characters have gotten many makeovers and have exchanged hands over the years, "Peanuts" in print media has stayed relatively "pure" (though of course it has been extensively licensed out to other media, merchandisers, and advertisers). It will be very interesting to see what Boom! comes up with, and who they get to write/draw the tales if they are indeed going to be brand new.

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