Woodsy's World of Star Wars: I Crushed on Plush Chewie at New York Toy Fair 2011!!

So I was supposed to go to Egypt with friends but I guess there's some stuff going on there and somehow my trip got cancelled. And what does any girl in her right mind do when she can't climb the Egyptian pyramids? Why she goes to the New York Toy Fair of course!!!

This year it was at the Javits Center and after having to do some Olympic-style crowd surfing at NYCC last October, I was pleasantly surprised to see the convention center full of suited adult professionals and tons-o-toys for everyone!!

I felt like I was getting away with a guilty pleasure - the forbidden fruit of cruising around isles of toys, talking to vendors, playing with their toys, getting "samples." There was not even a kid in sight!! I mean, besides me!!

A few of my highlights were:

Meeting my new love, the 24 inch talking Plush Chewie!! Take a look at that face, would you??? This beast of love is a cross between my cat Lila and Teddy from the movie AI! It's made by Underground Toys, the people at this booth started watching me closely as I made several jokes about running away with Chewie.

Here's an interview with Robyn from Underground Toys discussing their new Star Wars toys!!

More highlights include:

- Getting my picture taken with the giant Ugly Dolls! I love these guys and I have the exact same one on my desk at work! What are the odds???

- Mimobot Star Wars USB flash drives! I love these things, they are so handy, I have Princess Leia, Darth Maul Yoda and an ewok one! They're all one big happy family! They're getting bigger and cheaper, woo hoo! Plus you never know when you're going to suddenly need to swap some data, know what I mean? They also just released a very cool Friends With You version too.

- Sweet Thang plush candy pillows!! These remind me of going to the drive-in as a kid, or hanging out at the local cinema in high school!! Good and Plenty is my all-time favorite candy too! These are available across the street at Toys R UsI JUST found out thanks to Gusto...must go there now.

- Funko Star Wars and other franchise vinyl bobble heads, banks and plushies. Princess Leia comes out this month and they had a large one at their booth! Isn't she a beaut???

***Ok so Woodsy is plugging my personal writing today! It's non-Star Wars related, more of the uhmm, strip clubs and prison life I lead...I'll be on KCRW's radio show titled UnFictional, it airs at 2:30pm PST or you can also podcast it here KCRW UnFictional.


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