Toy Fair 2011: Kidrobot Family Guy Series 1

Toy Fair allowed us to get close up looks at some of our favorite company’s newest offerings. One of those was, of course, Kidrobot and their insanely fun lines of vinyl offerings. Right there in the front of their display sat none other than their newest offerings: The Family Guy mini-figures! After removing the secret chase figures from the lineup (yes, we know what the chases are! Ha!), we snapped some photos of our favorite show -- that randomly cuts away 90 times an episode! Here’s the info on Peter and the gang straight from Kidrobot themselves:

Kidrobot teams up with prolific animator Seth MacFarlane to bring you TV's all-American but totally twisted and dysfunctional family known as the Griffins, and their favorite New England neighbors.

Here to make us laugh and cry, each of the 15 blind-boxed Family Guy mini figures comes with an insert card and accessory - and raises the question, "Which FGKR will you get?" Giggity!

While there was sadly no Greased-Up Deaf Guy, the fact that Herbert exists in all his filthy-old man glory is more than enough to get us interested in seeing what’s coming next from the duo of Family Guy and Kidrobot! Family Guy Series 1 is available now on!

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