Flashpoint Facts #3: Questions, Answers, and...Spider-Man?!

The Recap: Flashpoint is DC’s big Summer event comic, where the Universe changes so that heroes and villains are as topsy turvy as an upside down thing. The only person who can save the world? Barry Allen, also known as The Flash! That’s all you need to know! On to new things, because this is Flashpoint Facts, your weekly recap of all things Flashpoint, with a healthy dose of speculation.

As promised last week, there’s going to be a little bit of a lull in Flashpoint news between the release of DC’s May solicitations, and, well… The release of DC’s June solicitations. That doesn’t mean there’s no info out there though, and as always, Flashpoint Facts will catch you up to speed.

The biggest news is that Mr. Geoffrey Johns himself – as well as Editor Eddie Berganza, and artist Andy Kubert will be answering questions from fans weekly on DC’s The Source Blog. That’s good news if you want someone to answer, “Will Flashpoint be awesome, or REALLY awesome?” Bad news if you want spoilers or Dan Didio’s phone number, but then, why would you want either of those things? One will ruin the experience of reading comic books, and the other is spoilers OHHHHH MAXIMUM ZING!!!

Anywho, Johns has kicked off the question answer period of our lecture with three general queries from DC press guy extraordinaire David Hyde. There’s nothing insanely revelatory there, but there are these pertinent points:

- You don’t need to read any comic books to get right into Flashpoint, but if you do want to, there’s a significant chunk of DC history you might want to review, including: Batman: Year One; Shade the Changing Man; and Booster Gold.

- Element Woman, Blackout, Outsider, and The Resistance are all new characters; we’re guessing the most popular or coolest one will find him or herself left in the changed back DCU after Flashpoint, unsure of his/her place in the world. Because, you know, that always happens.

- You need to know who Steve Trevor is. He’s Wonder Woman’s former love, and now the husband of her friend Etta Candy. And now you know! I’m going to take a stab and say that when we return to DC proper, Wonder Woman will be back to “normal” and pining after Steve Trevor, because that’s what she’ll be like in the upcoming TV show. I won’t say I’m bummed about that if it does happen, it gives a nice anchoring point for Diana – but poor, poor Etta Candy, who is fat, and has a name that sounds like, “Ate a candy.”

Meanwhile, back on the part of the Source Blog where Hyde asks for questions, he gives some teases, nothing we haven’t heard before, except this phrase: “When do six become one?” I’ll tell you what, I don’t know, but I DO know when “2 Become 1,” and it’s a great Spice Girls song.

Yes, I brought that up just to reference my wide knowledge of Spice Girls singles. You’re welcome.

On the publishing side of things, DC cancels five fan favorite titles in May, possibly to clear the publishing slate for Flashpoint titles and miniseries in June. If I was conspiracy minded – which I am – I would guess at least some of those titles will morph into Flashpoint minis, before rebooting with a new number one. At least, I’m crossing my fingers about that with the excellent R.E.B.E.L.S., and expecting that with Outsiders, which DC continues to publish despite the fact that literally no one cares about the Outsiders.

And there’s also a list out there for some possible, so far unannounced Flashpoint one shots, which you should take with a grain of salt, because, you know: delicious. Also because I remember reading a comprehensive list of Blackest Night one-shots, about half of which turned out to be fake, and the other half turned out to be super-fake. But here they are anyway:

The Renegades

The Canterbury Cricket


Reverse Flash

Element Woman



Lady Luck

The one that peaks my interest is the Reverse Flash one-shot, which could function as a focus on the big bad guy, to give some background – something that Johns has done with previous events like The Sinestro Corps War. Except we already got an issue like that in the Flash title proper, so I’m guessing this may support my theory that Reverse Flash is not the Big Bad of Flashpoint, but someone who may end up teaming up with Flash. This way, we can get a little more of what he’s been up to up until he encounters Barry at the end of issue #2. I’m guessing.

Last but not least, anyone pick up essential Flashpoint tie-in, Amazing Spider-Man #654.1? I’m sort of joking, except the issue was focused on Flash Thompson, and titled… Flashpoint. ASM has been extremely pop culture jokey since Dan Slott took over, riffing on the Spider-Man musical and more. Plus Editor Stephen Wacker is friends with Johns from his DC days, so this sort of thing is a friendly poke, rather than a jab… And I’d love to have more, please.

Until next time: you can point at flashers, and that’s a fact! I really have to come up with a sign-off for this.

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