Nerd Rockin’ To The New Kirby Krackle Video ‘Secret Identity’

By Benjamin Daniels

With their third fully animated music video, Seattle’s preeminent nerd rockers Kirby Krackle bring us a hilarious tale that is both prideful and bittersweet. “Secret Identity” chronicles the struggles of a tie-wearing, office-working family man whose nights and weekends are given to “patrolling the city streets” as his family sleeps, unaware.

The song maintains a delicate balance between the glorious and the mundane; between experiencing extreme sleep deprivation (from a busy crime-fighting night) and reading about his deeds in the following morning’s paper, the narrator suffers the division between being a hero and a civilian, even as he relishes it. With Betsy Lee’s animation expertly underpinning the quickness of the music and lyrics, “Secret Identity” succeeds both visually and musically!

“Secret Identity” by Kirby Krackle
Animated by Betsy Lee

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