Orange Hulk Will Smash!!!

Waaaaaayyyyyyy back in October at New York Comic Con we presented the initial line-up of MTV Comics and hung around for some audience questions, one of which stuck with us: "Will there be any Jersey Shore comics?" I believe my response at the time was "there aren't any plans for one" and really, that's still the case. But it doesn't prevent us from toying with the idea with some of our MTV Comics creators. So over the next several weeks we'll bring you their visions of what the Jersey Shore cast might look like in the pages of your favorite funny books!

First up is PUNKS co-creator Kody Chamberlain's take on Ronnie, who got pretty angry in last week's episode of Jersey Shore, and Sammi didn't like him. Red Hulk may be all the rage in Marvel Comics but Thunderbolt Ross should have just hit the tanning bed instead of hitting up Leader and M.O.D.O.K. to irradiate him.  (Note to Marvel: we'd love to do a Jersey Shore/Hulk cross-over.  Just think about it and get back to us).  For those who haven't seen it, if you watch the episode and listen closely enough you can almost hear "ORANGE HULK SMASH!" as Ronnie tosses Sammi's bed out the window and destroys her closet. So enjoy, and check back next week for THE GLOOM creators Tony Lee's and Dan Boultwood's take on Snooki and the Sitch!


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