Toy Fair 2011: Looney Labs Revives Icehouse Brand

The big news out of Looney Labs at New York Toy Fair this week was the revival of their Icehouse brand. Icehouse Pyramids are small, translucent, pyramid-shaped game pieces that can be used to play over a hundred different abstract strategy games. The pyramids have been on and off the market since the 1980’s, and are the original innovation that gave Looney Labs its start as a game publisher.

Even though the pyramids can be used to play such a large number of games, these new Icehouse products will focus on one game at a time. Each game will come in its own branded and styled drawstring bag that will contain enough components to play one particular game. The first two titles to launch will be IceDice, which includes 30 pyramids, and Treehouse, which includes 15 pyramids. Included with each game is a 24-page guide to additional pyramid games, some of which can be played right away with the pyramids in each bag, as well as others that will require multiple bags worth of game pieces.

Since the Icehouse Pyramids have been around for quite a while, the existing fan base is definitely fired up about their return. In anticipation of the re-release, Looney Labs has also launched a fanclub-style online group. Players with lots of Icehouse gaming experience can sign up and help spread the love of their favorite games. These new products don’t launch until June of this year, so new players will have to wait a bit longer to find out what the buzz is all about. Of course, we will have a full review of the two new games here at MTV Geek as they come closer to hitting the market.

Looney Labs is a family-owned games publisher that focuses on inexpensive and portable gaming. They are best known for their Fluxx series of card games, famous for their short play time and high replay value. For more information on Fluxx, check out MTV Geek’s recent review of Pirate Fluxx.

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