Toy Fair 2011: McFarlane Toys' The Walking Dead Action Figures + Exclusive Video!

At Toy Fair, one of the top things on our list was to see McFarlane Toys’ upcoming figures based on The Walking Dead comic and television series, and see them we did! There were four 2up prototypes (the large scale sculpts the factory uses as a model for the smaller production pieces) on display, along with mock ups of the packaging for the line. These were all from the comic book-based line, since only a placard with photos of the characters slated for the television line was shown. Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne, and two zombies were visible in the display case and looked be very limited on articulation, but high in detail.

Rick was fully painted, and has a large satchel of rifles tossed over one shoulder as he walks down the desolate road towards Atlanta, while the Michonne figure looks to be armed with her trademark katana and a drill… for zombie skull puncturing action! There was an interesting surprise when it came to the zombies, as it turns out they can be torn to shreds! Yep, within one of the figures, internal organs were visible peeking through the rotted and putrid flesh of the zombie’s stomach. While we showed you an MTV Geek-Exclusive photo of one zombie last week, Toy Fair was the world’s first chance to see the human characters. So far it looks like The Walking Dead toys are being handled well, and we can’t wait to find these undead abominations hanging from toy store shelves!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for coverage of The 2011 American International Toy Fair!

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