The Daily Geek 2/14: Doctor Who Valentine's Day Cards, The Geek Girls Sleepover, and More!

Optimus Prime received a ticket for parking outside Hasbro's Toy Fair event, but had it excused once it was established he was a benevolent giant robot from another world selflessly volunteering to save our planet.

On This Day In Geek History: "Gremlins" actor Zach Galligan born; "Shaun of the Dead" and "Star Trek" actor Simon Pegg born (1970)

While the Geek spotlight was definitely on Toy Fair this past weekend, let us not forget the other big event that took place: The Geek Girls Sleepover.

What exactly was The Geek Girls Sleepover, you might ask, perhaps having visions of a Troma film starring former child actresses from the old ABC TGIF lineup. Well no, the event was actually the brainchild of's Jill Pantozzi, and sponsored by the good folks at Midtown Comics in NYC and the site ThinkGeek, who provided tauntaun sleeping bags for all the participants:

You can follow all the details of The Geek Girls Sleepover by following the hashtag #geekgirlsleepover

Did you know there's actually a Lois Lane?

Yes, there is.

We have a twofer for all our Doctor Who Fans out there...first some Doctor Who-themed Valentine's Day cards found on Craig Hurle's Doctor Who Facebook page:

...and our video of the day is of "Torchwood's" John Barrowman singing the "Doctor Who" theme song. "But there aren't lyrics to the Doctor Who theme song, you might say. No. No, there aren't:


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