Toy Fair 2011: Jakks Pacific Tells Their Plans For Blacklights And Blackbeards

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theaters on May 20th, and Jakks Pacific is going to make sure you have all of the no-good scoundrels you can handle in toy form!  From the stumbling bravery of Jack Sparrow to the intimidating badassery of Blackbeard, the entire main cast is present and accounted for. The 4” line of figures that feature Blacklight Reveal and a massive playset (in the form of The Queen Anne’s Revenge ship) is just one of the many plans to capitalize on the masses lust of all things “pirate” that Jakks has in store.

While touring the Jakks Pacific showroom, we were surprised to find out that the upcoming 6” collector line has been outfitted with the age-old fan favorite: The Build-A-Figure! Yes, you read that right – if you snatch up the entire series of 6 inchers, you can build a full-sized figure of Gunner. While we’re not quite sure what kind of role Gunner plays in the film, he looks like one tough s.o.b.!

We recently talked with Andrew Kovall, National Sales Manager for Jakks Pacific, about the upcoming lines and why the Blacklight Reveal feature is not to be missed:

Andrew Kovall On Jakks Pacific's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Toys

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