MTV Geek Exclusive Video: Stan Lee & The NHL Talk 'The Guardian Project'

The 30 superheroes of 'The Guardian Project,' the brainchild of Stan Lee, Guardian Media Entertainment, and the National Hockey League, were unveiled this past Sunday at the NHL All-Star game in Raleigh, North Carolina. Each original superhero -- or Guardian -- is based on a different NHL team, incorporating unique elements of each team's name into the powers/design. The idea was, according to NHL VP of Marketing Brian Jennings, to reach out beyond the hardcore Hockey enthusiast to the "casual fan" utilizing the universal medium of comics. And who better to help do that than Stan "The Man" Lee himself?

"It's been a very exciting project," Stan Lee told MTV Geek, "because the idea of creating 30 superheroes at one time -- well, you can imagine! We were very lucky because the names of all the teams lend themselves to superheroes."

Adam Baratta, Guardian Media Entertainment's CCO, said that the tales of the NHL Guardians will span many media, including a novel, a comic book series, and perhaps even a TV series or feature film. Baratta described the story behind the Guardians as a "complex" one that will be rolled out over time:

"A lot of this is going to be like -- I hate to say it -- "Lost," where we are going to peel back the onion to see how all this took place."

While the full roster of NHL Guardians has been announced at the recent All-Star game, comic book legend Lee isn't done with the sports-themed superheroes quite yet:

"We have to create supervillains for all the superheroes, and that's going to be our next challenge."

Hear more from Stan Lee, Adam Baratta, and Brian Jennings below in MTV Geek's exclusive video interviews with the three men at the heart of this exciting new blending of comic book and sports heroes:


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