Mobile Phone Massif Turns The iPhone Into An 80's Throwback!

Do you remember those giant phones they had back in the day? You know the original mobile phones that were literally the size of a brick, more specifically the mobile phone of the 80’s? If you do, and you want to relive that experience everyday the Mobile Phone Massif is an iPhone case perfectly suited to your needs.

Modeled after sheer 80’s greatness, all you do is slide your iPhone in and, presto the perfect prop to make your Halloween costume as official as can be. The best part is, you have the look and feel of an 80’s phone packed with the features and functionality modern technology provides. Imagine how cool you’d look playing Angry Birds on a 30 year old gadget of the past. It may not be the most detailed replica but it’s surely the only one you’ll be squeezing Apple's iPhone in.

I know you’re excited, we are too. Sadly, unless you have a DeLorean equipped with the necessary flux capacitor you will have to wait until March before you can go 80’s with your iPhone. The good news is, this case is only going to cost about $20 and it will fit iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. We’ll let you know more about the Mobile Phone Massif as soon as more details are released. For now, you can head over to their Facebook page and see reactions to the phone disguised as a phone.


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