The Death In Fantastic Four #587: Twitter Round-up (Spoilers)

One of the biggest surprises for me reading the reactions on Twitter regarding the death of the fallen FF member was how many "non-comics" people commented on it. If there is any doubt whether the Fantastic Four are as much a part of the pop-culture landscape as Spider-Man and Iron Man, this is your answer. As for the reactins? They ranged from the heartfelt to the...well...onto the Tweets:

@xerjester: "So. Marvel's killing the Human Torch. I guess he didn't realize... *sunglasses* that this is a no smoking section. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAA-*gunshot*"

@drhastings: "Why is the death of the Human Torch news? Remember the death of Superman, Batman, Robin, Thor, Capt. America, Bucky, Green Goblin, Aunt Ma--"

@JoelBryant: "Is it way too ironic to light a candle for the passing of the Human Torch? ...And was that pun unavoidable?"

@HertzBarry: "With Human Torch snuffed and that Archie teacher dead, it's only a matter of time before Dagwood realizes he's been trapped in purgatory."

@inferiorego: "Lex Luthor dies in the new issue of Fantastic Four"

@timdogg98: "Humming Bone Thugs n Harmony's "See You At The Crossroads" for Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm the Human Torch"


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