The Daily Geek 1/14: Vader Tattoo, Retro Watchmen, and iPad Apps For Cats

I wish more scientific discoveries would be made through drunkenly pouring alcohol on experimental equipment after a party. I think it would be a better world. That's a TED talk right there.

On This Day In Geek History: columnist Maureen Dowd, star of her own Ben Marra comic, born (1952); actor Jason Bateman born (1969); "Fantasy Island" and "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan" actor Ricardo Montalbán dies (2009)

A Darth Vader tattoo would be cool! But for those less adventurous, there's always this "Vader Inked" t-shirt from RIPT Apparel:

If that doesn't grab you how about "Alternate Universe Movie Posters" from Sean Harter (link via Neatorama)?

Can you stand the voluptuous horror of the Zombie Women of Marvel? (via Sketchcard Saloon)

Who's hotter, Samantha from "Bewitched" or Jeannie from "I Dream Of Jeannie?" It's the important questions...

Your video of the day demonstrates probably the cutest thing ever: iPad apps for cats. Now, do you want to have your cat's paws, straight from the litter box, mashing all over your iPad screen? C'mon, the little furball is worth it!


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