CES 2011: Lady Gaga & Polaroid Announce New Camera Sunglasses!

Last year at CES Polaroid surprised the tech-savvy crowd with news that Lady Gaga, of all people, would be taking the reins as Creative Director. This year, fans of the entertainer and the tech geek elite were finally introduced to the first products stemming from the "Grey Label" collaboration.

Surprisingly, the presentation started with the reveal of a pair of sunglasses. Known as GL20s, they sport a camera capable of both still image and video capture. To take it a Gaga-style step further, two small screens were shoved behind each lens so we can show off our POV video and images. The recorded images and videos are stored on one of the arms, which is actually a detachable USB drive!

Following the sunglasses announcement, Lady Gaga went on to tell us a little bit about her role as Creative Director at Polaroid. According to her she was asked, "Gaga, what is the camera of the future?" She then held up her phone for the crowd to see and said "This is, this is the camera of the future. I have tons of fans, I have arena shows every night with 20,000 little lights flashing at me as they take pictures on their cellphones the entire show. So I said, how can we bring the cell phone into Polaroid? How can we create something that's digital that almost never gets printed, into something that is instant?" This led to the introduction of a new mobile Bluetooth printer, the GL10, capable of spitting out images taken with our phones in under 50 seconds using Zink (Zero-Ink) technology! The printer, weighing in at a mere 15oz, will launch with an Android app while iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 apps are currently in development.

It gets better; a third product was also announced in the form of a new instant-print digital camera! Dubbed the GL30, the new camera comes in a classic "hearty" Polaroid flavor. However, this isn't the Polaroid camera mom still uses. The top of the camera features a small LCD screen to display images and let us choose what we want to print. The crowd at the Panasonic booth was also told future models of the camera will provide support for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Polaroid Product Spokesman, Katie Linendoll, at CES. She laid out all the details regarding the new Grey Label line in a quick interview. Check out the video below!

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