Mezco 12" Leatherface - MTV Geek First Look Exclusive!

Some things just never go out of style. Who would have thought, a skin-masking wearing, unstoppable killer would be one of those things? Yep, Ole Leatherface sticks around the public’s peripheral like a well-worn pair of Chuck Taylors… well, if sneakers ran around with a huge G.D. chainsaw! Since 1974, Leatherface has been laying waste to any unlikely travelers that happen upon his little spot of Texas dirt, and now you can take that handsome devil home! That’s right, those horror-lovers over at Mezco Toyz are about to release the newest action figure sporting Leatherface’s creepy visage, and this puppy is a foot tall and is part of their infamous Cinema of Fear line! We here at MTV Geek are giving you an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at this new monument of fear, so look upon it and tremble! Is your interest peaked? Are you excited to get your hands on one of the most prolific murderers in cinema history? Do you reside in a basement, surrounded by jars full of formaldehyde and body parts?! Well, you sick f@#ks, here’s all the info straight from Mezco themselves:


Mezco's latest 1/6th scale creation, Leatherface from the horror classic

"A Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

This 1/6 scale figure captures all the gory details of Leatherface, from

the top of his masked face to the bottom of his cowboy boots.

This limited edition variant portrays Leatherface in his "dinner

clothes" as seen in the classic film. The blood spattered outfit comes

complete with the titular chainsaw and his infamous mallet. This special

edition is limited to 300 pieces worldwide.

Mezco's Leatherface comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box

that displays Leatherface in all his gruesome glory.

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