Ukrainian Designer Makes Porcelain 'Ghost' Urns For Your Ashes!

Death isn’t something that comes up very much here at MTV Geek, but when a Ukrainian designer comes up with a sure-fire way for us make sure we can come back as ghosts, it’s going to get mentioned. Unfortunately if you want to get on with your ghoulish plans, you‘ll have to die…. and then be cremated.

In a somewhat eerie post over at The Daily Undertaker we get a glimpse at a very creative urn for our families to save our cremated ashes in. Designed by Anna Marinenko, this creepy, and cute at the same time, porcelain ghost urn is described as "Part Tupperware, part spaceship, part tchochke, part reliquary." In addition to the classic ghost white color option, images also show the urns made of metal in a silver tone and a gold/bronze color, in case you want to be a special ghost when your time comes.

Luckily for our families, we wont be able to purchase (or make them purchase) one of these hilarious last wishes any time soon, they are just a prototype for now. However I can’t see a future in which these are not available to the general public. Even if they aren’t used as urns, the overall design is fantastic and it could obviously be put to use as many other things.

So what do you think? If you wanted to be cremated would your loved ones pitch in to make you a ghost? Would you rather be whisked away by the winds above the Grand Canyon, or maybe sprinkled around your favorite chair?


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