The Daily Geek 12/16: Zombie Uncle Sam, Harry Potter Pals, Marilyn Monroe Santa, and more!

You know, everybody makes such a big deal each year about "Charlie Brown Christmas," but nobody talks about that other holiday classic, "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land." For an 80s kid like myself, Christmas Comes to Pac-Land was a momentous event in TV history, the nexus between Saturday morning cartoons, videogames, and Christmas. The Ghosts looked so cute in their little matching ear-muffs and scarves. Christmas specials like "The Night Monchhichi Slept Through Christmas," "Yes, Rubik's Cube, There Is A Santa Claus," "Hulk Hogan's Rock n' Roll Reindeer Wrestling," and "A Madballs Christmas Carol" really taught me the meaning of the holiday. Oh, well. Lots of geek links to write, no time for misty-eyed nostalgia.

On This Day In Geek History: Albert Einstein publishes the definitive form of his General Theory of Relativity (1915); Arthur C. Clarke born (1917); Philip K. Dick born (1928); ABC airs the animated special Christmas Comes to Pac-Land (1982)

Zombie Uncle Sam wants you: to buy this T-shirt! (Threadless)

The shocking secret past of Wolverine and Squirrel Girl (The Sketchcard Saloon)

Star Wars awkward family portaits (Steven Quinn via Buzzfeed)

The Harry Potter Pals wish you a Merry Christmas (Emmy Cicierega)

Tron: Legacy director on why Tron is like a "digital Galapagos" (Discover)

Marvel offering free digital comics subscription to U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war vets (IAVA)

A new sticker from original "Garbage Pail Kids" artist (BoingBoing)

"10 Disabled Superheroes" (Mental Floss)

Bizarre, scary Marilyn Monroe Santa to cheer up your holidays (Laughing Squid)

Samus and Starfox reimagined as WWII fighters (Irrational Games Via G4tv)

Sega makes videogame with urinal interface (Kotaku)

...and if a pug dog is singing the Batman song, it's Thursday (Den of Geek)


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