The Top Ten Toys of 2010

2010 has been a banner year for toys. Thanks to games, movies, comics, and all-around nostalgia; toy companies have given their all to release fantastic pieces of plastic greatness. We, here at MTV Geek, have compiled a list of 10 toys that truly outshone their competition this year.

10. Glyos RIG (Onell Design)

Onell Design has hit onto something amazing with their Glyos series of customizable figures. This year, Onell released a new component to the line with the addition of the RIG. It’s very much in the vein of popular designer-vinyl toys, yet is so much more. With the simple positioning of the arms, you can change the RIG from a mech-like fighting machine into a space-worthy dogfighter. The imagination-inducing factor is what really helps set the RIG apart from other toys on the market, and what helps push it onto this list. The first release of the RIG sold out ridiculously fast; but be on the lookout for more of these wonderfully toys to be released in various colors and paint schemes in the future.

9. Darkseid C&C (Mattel)

Mattel’s DC Universe Classics line of figures is known for a number of reasons. One of those is the Collect & Connect figures. These are split up throughout a wave, so if you were to buy them all then it’s like you get another over-sized figure for free! This year saw the release of possibly the most important C&C figure to date: Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips, and would-be destroyer of the universe, has been sculpted by the famous Four Horsemen in a classic look straight out of Jack Kirby’s New Gods comics. Having Darkseid be a larger C&C figure made sense, but also forced people to buy the entire wave of figures to complete the Important DC Comics villain. Thankfully, he was definitely worth it.

8. Play Arts Snake (Square Enix)

Square Enix is known for their figures based on their own videogame properties. Their Final fantasy and Kingdom hearts figures are all beautifully done and highly articulated. However, it took them stepping outside their own sandbox to make it on this year’s list. Snake, a.k.a. Big Boss, a.k.a. Naked Snake (filthiest codename EVER) is the star of Konami’s Metal Gear franchise… in a roundabout way. While most fans think of Solid Snake; Big Boss is the original covert badass from which Solid, Liquid, Solidus, and all the other oddly named soldiers were cloned. This Play Arts figure is sculpted, painted, and articulated in such a way that you can pose him to look exactly as he does in the games. This figure comes from Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on the PSP and is packaged with extra hands, guns, and a sweet riot shield. Hell, the only thing missing is his cigar; but, this is America and we frown on our toys smoking. Well, the organization in charge of such things frowns upon it anyway.

7. Comic Series War Machine (Hasbro)

When merchandizing began for the Iron Man II film, Hasbro flooded the shelves with their line of 3 3/4” action figures. 3 series of figures were introduced: The Movie, Concept, and Comic Series; and, out of literally dozens of Iron man figures, the Comic Series War Wachine set the standard. He’s extremely comic-accurate while still fitting in with the rest of the line’s figures. His shoulder-mounted armament is able to pivot on his back from “stored” to “ready” positions, and even come with detachable blast effects! Rhodes may play second fiddle to Tony when it comes to getting the women and being an avenger; but, this figure is anything but second best! Well, technically its 7th best in this instance, but nevermind all that.

6. Revoltech Toy Story Woody (Kaiyodo)

“A Toy Story figure?!” Yeah, we know that’s what you’re exclaiming loudly, while reading this at your cubicle. Well, get the hell over it already! This toy is pants-wettingly exciting, AND it’s based on a Disney property! Insanity rules this day!... and the number 6 spot on our list. Woody is notable for a number of reasons. First, his sculpting is spot-on with the Pixar/Disney Toy Story movies. Next, his articulation is not only plentiful, but is also made up of the Revoltech joint. Lastly, his accessories. He comes with tons of stuff, including the binoculars. It’s like getting another action figure as a bonus! The big thing that sets woody up on this list is his face. Actually, make that faces. Yep, our pal woody comes with two faces and what makes them so damn great is the moveable eyeballs. You read that right, MOVEABLE EYES! He is the first figure of his size to allow for such a wide range of expressions thanks to those rotating peepers. Don’t believe us? Just Google Image Search the toy in order to see all kinds of ghastly horrors! We warn you: You won’t be able to un-see it.

5. COBRA H.I.S.S. (Hasbro)

Updates of classic properties are all the rage right now; and while G.I. JOE never really goes out of style, there are still plenty of new versions of old favorites. Geez, how many Snake-eyes figures have there been in the last 25 years?! Everybody loves that silent killing machine! However, we’re not here to talk about him or any of his JOE compatriots. Nope, we’re at the number 5 spot and it has been conquered by the evil forces of COBRA! The H.I.S.S. (High Speed Sentry) Tank is probably the single best known vehicle of COBRA. Week in and week out, Cobra Commander would end up trolling around in one of these, although; usually while fleeing from battle like a friggin’ coward. This new version makes the list not only because it conjures images of our beloved H.I.S.S. of old; but, because it also has all the modern and realistic styling you expect from today’s toys. We imagine something like this is in development right now by some government contractor looking to add a little badassery to the battlefield. If we were on the JOE team, we’d be confiscating these things left and right!

4. Trap-Jaw (Mattel)

Trap-Jaw makes his name as one of the Best Toys of 2010, by leaving all of his Masters of the Universe Classics in the dust. While Mattel’s online-exclusive line is always a fan favorite, none of the other insanely-muscled barbarians and evil sorcerers can hold a candle to this piecemeal monstrocity! Trap-Jaw is a mercenary/barbarian/space-pirate that tried to revolt against Skeletor cause he wanted to be the #1 Ass-kicker in Eternia; but, was literally torn apart by Ol’ Boneface’s fury. Thanks to the fine sculpting skills of the Four Horsemen, Trap-Jaw’s figure can be set up to look as he did pre or post beating. That’s right, you get enough parts in the package to create 2 different versions of the character! Kronis has the snarling visage and regular arm, while Trap-Jaw bulbous eyes and raggedy face match his cybernetic arm. Tons of attachments for that arm are included as well and can be stored handily on his belt when not being used to filet He-Man. The sculpting, paint, articulation, and accessories all add up to one of THE best action figures we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

3. Hasbro Galactus (Hasbro)

The Devourer of Worlds! Yes, Galactus has once again made his way into the toy aisles, and this time there’s no denying him one of the highest places on our countdown. In 2005, Toy Biz released their 16 inch Galactus as a Build-A-Figure in their Marvel legends line. Until now, the Toy Biz Galactus was definitely the best (out of very few) rendition of Galactus to ever be released. What were the odds that only 5 years later we would be able to purchase an even larger version of the ancient s.o.b.? This new Galactus comes to us from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line of 3 3/4” figures, and is far more intimidating than any previous incarnation. He towers over the other M.U. figures at a whopping 19” and features lights and sound. He’s fully articulated for hero-stomping action and is packaged with his chrome-colored herald, The Silver Surfer. First released at the 2010 SDCC in a giant blister pack with art by Joe Quesada; Galactus can now be found on the shelf in a window box, sporting an illustration by Mike Deodato Jr.

2. AT-AT (Hasbro)

This was the beast that helped capture Hoth for the Empire; and well, that’s it really, as far as the Star Wars movies are concerned. However, when the first AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) toy was released back in 1981 kids everywhere (that were lucky enough to get one) had this sweet ride trouncing the Rebellion anywhere they decided to be; whether the battles took place on Tattooine or just in the backyard. Well, after 29 years, and a couple re-issues of the original mold, Hasbro has released an all new AT-AT to the enjoyment of kids everywhere (by “kids”, we mean “totally cool collectors”). This new version is not only ridiculously huge, but also comes packaged with a pilot AND a speeder bike. In fact, this mammoth can house the speeder right in its cargo bay. According to Hasbro, you can also store 19 figures in there; but we’re pretty sure that with enough bacon grease and force, at least 25 are possible. See? Bacon grease! How can this toy not be one of the best of the year?! In all seriousness; the sculpting is fantastic, the reciprocating guns, retractable cable, and accessories more than make this AT-AT a step above the competition… mostly. There’s one toy that climbed over this metal beast to claim the number one spot…

1. Battle Cat (Mattel)

Was there ever any doubt? Battle Cat was the cause of the most disheartening “Mattypocalypse” to date, as fans of the Masters of the Universe Classics line thrashed and growled in abject horror due to the eye-gougingly quick sell-out time. Recently Mattel re-released the toy which, thanks to plenty of stock, still sold out within the first day. Arguably the most “must have” figure in the entire line, behind He-man and Skeletor; Battle Cat is the embodiment of everything great and wonderful about today’s toys. Cringer has been sculpted in an incredibly detailed manner. From the pads on his paws, to the studs on his armor; B.C. as instantly recognizable as his vintage counterpart, yet also shows the unmatched ability of today’s toy designers. His paint is the basic simple color scheme of green, yellow, and maroon; but, has been upped with darker shading and detailing to help show off the depth of the toy. The articulation model is perfect and even features a movable jaw. This Battle Cat figure is genuinely fun to play with AND is a nice display piece in your collection. Out of all the toys of 2010, we’re declaring Battle Cat to be King of the Castle…Grayskull, that is!

There were a lot of high-end toys that could have made the list; but, the general high prices, plus limited availability left them off. Honorable mentions go to pretty much everything Hot Toys or 3A Toys have/are/will produce, seeing as how they are all amazing. If you have the cash to blow, and are a serious collector, you can’t go wrong with their collectibles.


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