Sneek Peek: 'Death Of Oracle' In Birds of Prey #7

Is this the end of Barbara Gordon as we know her? Or could it be a new beginning?

Fans have been speculating about the fate of Barbara Gordon's "Oracle" persona ever since October, when DC ran a slide at New York Comic Con of Batman standing over Oracle's tombstone. More recently, some fans have read into a scene from "Batman: The Return" where Bruce Wayne showed Babs a picture of her wearing Batgirl-type armor and standing next to a cool Tron-looking motorcycle. Could that be the foreshadowing of a new Batgirl? If so, what happens to the current Batgirl?

Well, you've only got less than a week to start to find out! But if you absolutely can't wait, check out these preview pages from Birds of Prey #7, "The Death of Oracle" --


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