1800's Vampire Slayer Kit Would Make Buffy Jealous!

Buffy fans and Twihards have a lot of history to thank for their vampire obsessions -- legends like Count Dracula got people all worked up back in the day. In fact, they worried so much, some people had vampire killing kits in case they ever encountered one of the beasts. And now, we can take a stab at getting our slay on, with one of these ridiculous -- yet awesome -- pieces of history currently up for auction.

The kit is made almost entirely out of real ivory and has everything an 1800s, or modern day, vampire slayer/cheerleader would need. A large ivory cross conceals a spring-loaded, .41 caliber single-shot percussion pistol, and there’s a good size dagger blade that connects to the bottom. Weirdly the dagger is metal and I’m pretty sure you need a wood stake to do any real damage. However, there are a bunch of ivory bottles included, and two of them have the letter G inscribed. I assume this is where you would store some garlic to keep the demon at bay.

According to the consigner, the ivory kit was snatched up from a Berlin museum back in World War II. The man who “liberated” the piece is said to be an American Sergeant by the name of Glen Pendelton. The ivory case measures 4.75” x 3.62”  and is a little more than 1.5” short. This piece is said to be one of four identical kits, and a similar item (that had wood stakes) sold for almost $15,000 in a recent auction. With that said, you probably should check the attic, Great Grandpa's old kit could be collecting dust up there.


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