Women Making Up At Least 50% of Sci-Fi Viewing Audience

Katie Goldman had a nasty lesson about sexism at the tender age of 7 when boys at her school repeatedly made fun of her for bringing a Star Wars thermos to school. The message was clear: Star Wars and other sci-fi topics were not appropriate for females. However, a quick look at various sci-fi/fantasy fandoms from Harry Potter to Star Wars -- plus intriguing demographic information from various genre cable channels -- beg to differ.

The CNN article "Get Your Geek Girl On" reports that the SyFy network's viewership is "about 50-50" male and female. 67% of the audience of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is female. And over half of the viewers of Chiller network's "Masters of Horror" viewers are women.

But you don't need TV network statistics to understand that "Geek" culture isn't just a thing for guys. Star Wars was so popular among women that actress Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on "Clone Wars," started the Lucasfilm-approved "Her Universe" line of fan clothing. There are females leading the charge in organizing fan activities for everything from "Lord of the Rings" to Battlestar Galactica." And actresses from Buffy's Amber Benson to Rosario Dawson have turned their attentions to writing comic books.

As for little Katie Goldman, the Star Wars fan community rushed to her aid -- letting her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Star Wars -- or any "geek" fandom -- is totally OK for both girls and guys. The rallying cry for Katie (and "geek girls" everywhere) has been so huge that today is a Facebook event called "Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie." As of now, almost 30,000 men and women are signed up for the event.


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