Jakks Pacific Releases UFC and TNA Action Figures

Nothing seems to get the blood pumping like a good old fashioned beat ‘em up, and Jakks Pacific is making sure your toy collection stays stocked with the best ass-kickers in the business! Whether you like a little flash and drama with your fighting, or gritty bloodbaths requiring expert timing and skill; the fine folks at Jakks have got you covered. Both TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Wrestling, and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) are represented in all their gladiatorial action figure glory! Why would we here at MTV Geek be hyping these toys? Well, why not?! Pro wrestlers wear just as much spandex as the average superhero, and those UFC figures feature some of the best articulation of any mass market line. That’s the simple truth. You want REALLY good reasons though? Okay then. First, Tito Ortiz makes his toy debut in UFC Wave 6; so, now you can have He-man beat the living hell out of him! That’ll shut his bragging right up! Second, the thought of Sharkboy hitting Aquaman in the face with a folding chair makes us way, WAY more excited than we possibly have a right to be!

Here are all the neck-breaking details straight from Jakks Pacific themselves:


The momentum continues to build around JAKKS Pacific’s highly collectible Ultimate Fighting Championship® line of products! Fans will love the sixth wave of UFC Deluxe figures featuring some of your favorite stars! From Clay Guida, Frank Mir and GSP, to MMA’s Thiago Alves, Tito Ortiz, Jens Pulver and Bas Rutten, each figure features Ultra-Flex™ technology with 29 unique points of articulation to increase the authenticity of each and every move. SRP $9.99 Create your own unique fights and have some of the great’s battle it out for the championship title in the highly authentic UFC Basic Octagon. SRP $19.99 After you have defeated your opponents, proudly wear or hang the authentic UFC Championship Belt on your wall to show everyone who is number one! Ages 8+, SRP $14.99

UFC Deluxe figures, Championship Belt and Basic Octagon in stores now at all major retailers!

TNA Wrestling

JAKKS Pacific continues to prove its leadership in collectible action figures with the expansion of its exciting line of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) figures. TNA DLX Impact Series #3 features some of the most popular TNA superstars of all time - from Velvet Sky, Jay Lethal and Shark Boy, to Matt Morgan, Kevin Nash and Sting. These 7” TNA Deluxe Impact Figures boast Real Scan Technology sculpts along with authentic garb and accessories. SRP $9.99 A new generation of small but significant wrestling figures take to the ring with the TNA Micro Impact 3 pack includes a trio of X” superstars featuring 6 points of articulation to battle, display and collect! SRP $6.99. Fans and collectors alike will appreciate the authenticity of the highly detailed TNA Championship Belts. Display, brag and show off your win until the next battle rolls around! Ages 8+, SRP $12.49

TNA DLX Impact figures in stores now at all major retailers! TNA Micro Impact 3 pack and TNA Championship Belts in stores now at Toys R Us.


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