iPad Lock & Security Case Keeps Thieves Away!

Everyone knows just how expensive our gadgets can be, and the fact that they are small enough for someone to run off with, in the blink of eye, makes theft a constant worry. Luckily for you iPad owners MacLocks has a great solution, and while it may not be very pretty, it should get the job done.

A few days ago we thought steel cable locks were only useful for keeping our bike safe and the shed doors closed up. But, apparently they can be used to keep our mobile devices around too. The new iPad Lock and Security Case Bundle gives you a rubber coated steel cable that can be wrapped around any fixed object, like the leg of a table. It provides a clear plastic case for the iPad, protecting it from clumsy mishaps and everyday wear and tear. MacLocks is also throwing in a screen protector that they claim is worth $25, and they say the NG14 lock on this thing is the smallest device lock in the world!

The new bundle is available for pre-order from MacLocks.com, it includes the plastic case, steel cable leash, two keys and a screen protector similar to those widely available. Just peel off the backing and stick it to the screen. The price may seem a little steep, putting a hole in your wallet the size of 65 dollars. But, replacing your beloved device would probably cost almost 10 times that much. So, if you take your tablet out in public a lot, a locking system wouldn’t be a bad investment. Imagine how upset you’d be if some thieving low-life ran out the diner door leaving you empty handed!


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