'Mark Waid Is Freelance' - Steps Down As CCO of BOOM! Studios

"Mark Waid Is...Freelance," the title of the press release read, going on to announce that the fan-favorite comic book writer was stepping down as Chief Creative Officer of BOOM! Studios.

"Mark was key in BOOM!'s transition from a promising upstart to top tier publisher," Ross Richie, the Chief Executive Officer of BOOM! Studios said. "Now that we've reached this stage, Mark's made it clear to me that he's ready to take on new challenges. And we wish him the best!"

But fans of "Irredeemable" and "Incorruptable" take heart -- Waid will remain as writer on both BOOM! titles, as well as his new collaboration with comics legend Stan Lee, "The Traveler."

Waid began his association with BOOM! in 2007, when he shocked the industry and became Editor-In-Chief of the publisher. Three years later in Summer of 2010, Waid was promoted to Chief Creative Officer.

Why step down now? Waid said in a statement:

"I learned a lot in my time at BOOM! about the ever-evolving job of publishing comics in the 21st century, and it’s been an invaluable experience. But now that BOOM! is in a strong place with its best foothold ever in the market, it’s time for me to refocus my energies on writing and on creating. And maybe take one of these ‘vacation’ things that people are always talking about.”

But does the "Mark Waid Is Freelance" part of the press release also hint of possible new projects with other publishers ahead? One thing is for sure: the future for both Waid and BOOM! is wide open with possibilities.


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