Woodsy's World of Star Wars - Clone Wars Screening in NYC!

Guess what I did last Tuesday night?  I went to the Star Wars: Clone Wars Screening in New York City!  Even though it was colder than the Hoth System outside, the theatre was warmly filled with Star Wars fans of all ages!  There were Clone Wars costumed characters to take your photo with, which I did because I’m a sucker for a man in a uniform. I had to push some twelve year olds out of the way but I did finally get my photo op! Fellow MTV Geeker Bradley Hatfield came along for the epic ride as we slid down into our comfy seats, plopped our sodas and popcorn down in our laps, and watched the show!

I was so excited, I felt like a kid. Anytime I get to watch ANYTHING Star Wars-related on the big screen I get butterflies in my stomach. Well, I take that back. Anything BUT the Star Wars Holiday Special, that is. Ooof. Before the screening some lovely gentlemen from Lucasfilm asked the crowd trivia questions and passed out great toys like the General Grievous spinning lightsaber. Lucky for me I already have one because I couldn’t keep up with the other kids in the house!  They knew everything and answered so quickly! “Noooooooooooooooooo!” (Darth Vader voice)

After the prizes were handed out, the lights went down and Captain Rex made an announcement asking the audience to turn off cell phones so we wouldn't give away our location to the Seppies. It was so damn cute to see and hear the kids in the audience getting excited. Then the moment we were all waiting for happened, as the green lit Lucasfilm logo came up on screen and the Clone Wars music started playing. So cool.

I have to say I was skeptic at first when The Clone Wars came out. I thought what other Star Wars story could George possibly do?  But this last year I’ve caught up on The Clone Wars and I’m pleasantly surprised and glad that I did. The storyline is great, and now his daughter Katie Lucas is writing episodes!  The dialogue itself is witty and funny at times, especially with the Clones one-liners, like when a Clone sees Obi-Wan and Anakin and says “You guys aren’t supposed to be here.”  IT WAS FUNNY!  Not only is it great writing but I’m mostly impressed with the evolution of the special effects from Season 1 to now.  Season 1 definitely had more of a cartoon feel for me but watching these new episodes on the big screen, it’s so real - the environments, the characters, their expressions - it’s amazing to watch.

The introduction of Savage Opress is pretty damn cool too - how they find him, and train him to be so strong and evil - his transformation is exceptional.

The Jedi fight scenes were outta control and beautifully done!  I even gasped a couple of times, and all the kiddies around me were squirming and sqealing with excitement.  I had to hold back from wanting to throw popcorn at them to shut up. It would have not been Jedi-like of me. All-in-all the fight scenes made me realize I really gotta get back to the gym.

After the screening ended, we got to take home a beautifully laid out 1950’s-style Savage Opress poster and a Clone Wars tee-shirt. I have SOOOO much Star Wars stuff, but yet I STILL get so excited to receive more...WTF?

Thank you Lucasfilm for a wonderful evening, making me feel like a kid again and being able to escape the from the Hoth System for a bit.

These new episodes begin airing January 7th, 2011 on the Cartoon Network.


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