The Daily Geek 12/9: Big Bang Birthday, She-Ra As Role Model, Yoda Bat, And More

On This Day In Geek History: Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg born in 1980.

2010 Space Monolith figure has zero points of articulation (ThinkGeek)

Woman talks about She-Ra as role model (Dixie Sun)

Make a Captain America shield out of an old satellite dish (Instructibles)

Watch listed on eBay for $9.95 turns out to be $66K classic "Dr. No" 007 collector's item (Boing Boing)

"Community" will do a Dungeons & Dragons themed episode...with Abed as DM (TV Squad)

Behold..."Yoda Bat" (National Geographic)

Casper the Living Child, and other "Shockingly Dark Origins of Loveable Children's Characters" (Cracked)

Superhero Romances, a brief visual tour (Pop)

20 Doctor Who characters who are in desperate need of having their own action figures made (Topless Robot)

Call it "Desperate Chinese-iPad-Smuggling Housewives" (

Are you following Painkiller Jane creator and Jonah Hex writer Jimmy Palmiotti's podcast? You should (Where Monsters Dwell)

Having problems pronouncing all those exotic words in World of Warcraft? Try World of Warcraft version of Rosetta Stone (g4tv)

Date with Robert Pattinson sells for $80,000 (Vancouver Sun)


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