Happy 30th Birthday 'Bloom County'

The Bloom County comic strip by Berkley Breathed was first released into newspapers on December 8, 1980. Over the course of its lifespan, the strip about the quirky antics of small town living rose to prominence, eventually being featured in over 1200 newspapers. In 1989 Breathed chose to step away from the beloved series.

Now, IDW Publishing is set to release the fourth comprehesive collection of Bloom County in April 2011. Additionally, IDW will release an Apple iPad app that will offer a year's worth of Bloom County a year at a time.

In a press release, IDW said:

Celebrating the cultural impact of this remarkable comic strip, IDW Publishing has teamed up with Breathed for the first complete and chronological collection of Bloom County. The first three volumes of BLOOM COUNTY: THE COMPLTE LIBRARY are currently available at fine bookstores everywhere. BLOOM COUNTY: THE COMPLTE LIBRARY Volume Four will be released in April 2011. Each volume features the many quirky citizens of Bloom County—such as Opus, Bill the Cat, and Milo Bloom—while projecting Breathed’s uncanny ability to be both cynical and naïve, often at the same time.

The Bloom County celebration continues in February at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco with a special exhibit spotlighting many of Breathed’s different works, both from Bloom County and his children’s books. The show will from February through June, featuring art spanning his career and including several movie projects such as Secondhand Lions, Flawed Dogs and Mars Needs Moms. The Cartoon Art Museum will host a reception on April with Breathed.

When reached at home for comment on this historic day, Breathed replied, “Oh, was that today?”


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