White iPhone 4 Coming in Spring 2011!

Well this is about as real a rumor can get folks. It seems the guys over at 9to5Mac paid particular attention to the fine print at an Apple Store recently. Their attention to detail noticed a small bit of text saying the white iPhone 4 will be available in the Spring of 2011!

The photo they grabbed is of an iPhone 4 pricing display and not only does it mention the white iPhone’s existence in the fine print, in the line above the pricing notes for your choice of 16GB or a 32GB device, there is clearly visible text that says BLACK or WHITE!

The white iPhone 4 has been talked for a long time now, but Apple was having trouble getting the white parts to match each other, thus delaying its release. Even still, people have been very anxious to get their hands on one -- in fact, a 17-year old kid recently got white iPhone parts directly from a contact at Foxxconn (Apple’s manufacturer) and made himself a pretty penny until he got caught. I wouldn’t try this if I were you, it looks like he’s in a little bit of trouble now and attorneys are involved.

According to Apple’s display the new white iPhone 4 will hit the same price point the black model is currently at. So, if you’ve been saving your pennies to pick one of these bad boys up, you should probably hold off until Spring. Your classy white model will surely make all the early adopters jealous.


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