The Simpsons to Mouth Off on David Mamet

David Mamet on “The Simpsons?” Sure, why not. The “Glengarry Glen Ross” scribe seems like a suitable follow-up to this season’s worldly array of guest stars, which has included great minds like physicist Stephen Hawking, economist Muhammad Yunus and anti-pederast, Chris Hansen.

According to “Simpsons” executive producer Al Jean, who broke the news to Entertainment Weekly, Mamet will play a writer on an‘80s era sitcom called “Thicker Than Waters,” which Homer is a big fan of. And in true Mamet fashion, there will be plenty of bleeped out f-bombs in the episode, titled “Homer the Father,” which airs on January 23.

Jean described one scene in particular where Mamet’s sitcom writer gets chewed out by an actor on “Thicker Than Waters.” “He just keeps swearing at him, saying, ‘Why don’t you f—ing learn how to f—ing write an f—ing script?” Jean told EW.

“The Simpsons” isn’t the first occasion for the famed screenwriter and playwright to get animated. Back in 1997, Mamet appeared in an episode of “Dr, Katz, Professional Therapist.”

Mamet’s work, particularly the 1992 film adaptation of the play “Glengarry Glen Ross,” has admittedly influenced countless films and television series, and of course “The Simpsons” is no exception. The character of Gil Gunderson is based on Jack Lemmon’s haggard, out of luck salesman, Shelley Levene in the film. No word yet on whether the Springfield resident who calls a storage locker home will make an appearance.


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