2010 Holiday Exclusive Toys: A Gift Guide

Gift-giving can sometimes be a hassle. Disregarding yourself and thinking of others is easy for some; but let’s face it, those people are usually way too happy. Well, with the holidays right around the corner, we here at MTV Geek are bringing you a list of some semi-geeky gifts for your semi-geeky friends and loved ones. While those boys and girls might not be ready for that Boba Fett helmet or light-up BTTF Delorean model, these collectibles just might start them down the path to Fanboyland, regardless of their age.

Disney/Pixar Cars Holiday Exclusive:

Kids LOVE Cars! That’s it, in a nutshell. You’d be hard pressed to think of another film, without any sequels, that has produced the sheer amount of merchandizing as that Disney/Pixar phenomenon. Kids of all ages can’t help but like Lightning McQueen, Doc, and Mater. Hell, who would have thought anything Larry the Cable Guy was involved in would ever be this popular?! Mattel recognizes the need for sweet collectibles, and this holiday season they’ve released a Toys R’ Us-Exclusive box set featuring Mater (wearing a furry hat…cause cars get cold too), Lightning McQueen (in a new deep red metallic finish), and for the first time The Santa Car! What does a car want for Christmas, anyway? Maybe some of those cool “truck nuts”…

Peanuts 2010 Christmas Action Figures:

Excited, right? Of course you are! Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a viewing of the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas Special." That thing will run on TV 'till Armageddon! Now you can have that sweet bit of innocence all year with these action figures from Round Two. They come set up with nice diorama-style accessories, and “yes” Ol’ Chuck is packaged with his infamous Christmas tree. However, if scrawny and underfed trees aren’t your thing, each figure comes packaged with part of a larger (and fully decked out) Christmas tree that can be assembled when you have the set.

Mattel Ghostbusters II Holiday edition action figures:

How much can we have to say about these four fun-lovin’ guys? Plenty! The Ghostbusters have finally made their way into your hands in action figure form, thanks to the fine folks at Mattel; and they even have Santa Hats! Egon, Ray, Winston, and Peter are represented here in full force (with Slimer in tow) to bring yuletide butt-kickings to the ghosts of Christmas’ Past, Present, & Future! This set is available only at Toys R’ Us; so, you better get over there, and shove your way through the holiday crowds to secure your team of paranormal experts.

Holiday Qees from Toy2R:

If you’re looking to buy a present for someone that will make you look incredibly hip AND cause them to develop an addiction to cool vinyl toys, then we’ve got just the thing for ya! Simply order the Christmas Classic Teddy Bear Qee, and you’re all finished. Hell, order a few and pass 'em around! They’re extremely limited though, so you should probably hurry. The toy uses the familiar bear buck, but is painted wearing a festive red sweater, emblazoned with a white Christmas Tree design. It’s almost the 10 year anniversary of the Qee line; so, now’s as good a time as any to start someone on the path to collecting these extremely artistic pieces of vinyl awesomeness.

Kurt Adler Star Wars Fabriche Santa Yoda:

Yoda could go down in history as the grumpiest Santa since the Grinch. Here’s your chance to have that immortalized in your home (or the home of the Star Wars fan on your gift-list) for the entire world to see. Yoda is sporting his familiar cane, which is helping support the huge sack of toys he’s got slung over his back. His hat and coat are both made of fabric, so don’t go spillin’ eggnog all over the little guy. He looks angry enough as it is. The sculpting looks to be very well done and will definitely be a conversation starter.

Living Dead Dolls Nohell:

The folks at Mezco Toyz sure know how to add a little creep-factor into the holidays. Nohell comes in a Christmas-themed white coffin; so, all you have to do is add the bow and she’s ready to terrorize the nightmares of your loved ones! She’s dressed to impress with her red & white holiday outfit, complete with skull & crossed candy canes, and real jingle bells. Her Santa hat is removable, and her eyes are deep black with snowflakes staring back into your soul. Nothing says “Peace on Earth and good will towards men” like a homicidal doll. Well, actually there are lots of things… but, Nohell doesn’t like those things, and you definitely don’t want to do make her angry.

2010 Hess Truck and Jet:

Okay, it’s a semi-truck with ability to launch a jet… Hell yes! This is what we imagine Bill Gates would tool around in, if he wasn’t concerned with the environmental repercussions. This thing is exactly the type of imagination-inducing insanity that we would have wanted to score under the Christmas tree when we were little. Let’s face it, kids will love this toy. The fact that it has a total of 55 lights over the whole of the truck and jet, along with a working ramp, retractable landing gear, motion-activated sounds, etc., only help cement this toy as the quintessential holiday gift. The Hess name is synonymous with toy trucks, and this year is definitely no exception.

The Year Without A Santa Claus boxed set NECA:

The Rankin Bass Holiday TV Specials will always hold a special place in our cold, black hearts and manages to warm them a little every time we see them on the television this time of year. A Year Without Santa is possibly the “cult classic” of the bunch, and thanks to NECA (who know a thing or two about cult-film fan service) you can pick up this box set of toys from the show. They’re small (only 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches) and are made of PVC, sadly lacking any articulation. However, you get the entire cast from Santa himself, all the way to the Heat Miser. The fun of setting these little guys up all over the house makes them well worth the purchase, and we’re sure you know of at least one person who would practically tear-up with excitement from receiving these under the tree.

2010 Holiday Barbie:

Barbie is one of the few icons in the toy world. There’s not even much to say here to be quite honest. It’s friggin’ Barbie, people! The woman who can never hold a job (yet still manages to get hired on with new companies) shows up this year wearing a spectacular dress featuring an intricately embroidered bodice. Yes, a “bodice”. Hey, just cause we mostly talk about superheroes, doesn’t mean we’re unfamiliar with fashion-terms! Anyway, Barbie is available in both Caucasian and African-American editions; with both dolled up in that same holiday-inspired dress. Mattel has once again brought this collectible to store shelves, upping their game from years before. If you can find one of these sought-after collectibles, you might wanna snatch it up for yourself… or your daughter. Whichever. We’re not judging you.

Limited Edition 2010 Mattel Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Santa:

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are quickly tearing their way to the top spot in the “Must-Have Gift” category by kids all over this great nation of ours. Why? We don’t know, folks; but, it probably has something to do with their hypnotizingly odd appearance. Just stare at that toy for a few moments and then tell us you don’t want it. Go ahead, we’ll wait… Liar! You know you now have the irresistible urge to drive to the store as quickly as possible in order to score one of these oh-faced wonders! Mattel’s rampant ruling of the toy aisle is continuing here with this Toys R’ Us Exclusive Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Santa and the world shall be unable to resist its inherent weirdness.


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