ReWalk May One Day Replace Wheelchairs!

The tech world is on fire right now, we live in an age where new technologies are taking off every day, and thankfully these new gadgets and gizmos aren’t only for entertainment purposes. Some of the huge advancements of late can change people’s lives and a new pair of robotic "pants" will be doing just that come January.

Back in 1997 Israeli entrepreneur, Amit Goffer, was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident. Since then he has created a new device that may some day eliminate the need for wheelchairs and even give fully paralyzed individuals the chance to walk again!

The new device puts braces with robotic joints on each of the user’s legs allowing them to stand upright and control the device with upper body movements and by shifting their balance. The legs weigh about 7 pounds and are worn on the outside of clothing. A harness is worn over the shoulders to keep the unit in place, and strapped up to the shoulder harness is a backpack that carries the 3.5 hour battery system and the computer that helps control the legs. Currently the system will only work with people paralyzed from the waist down, but Goffer is working on another model capable of more.

The benefits a system like this could provide to patients is a long list. Things like pressure sores, circulation complications and digestive problems could very well be a thing of the past when this technology catches on. The system is said to be available to rehabilitation centers in January, but they’ll have to fork over a pretty penny, with each ReWalk coming in at about $100,000.


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