Glenn Beck Gets Own Comic Book

In a world where every celebrity, pseudo-celebrity, and public figure seems to have their own comic book, is it any surprise that Glenn Beck would be next? Yep, Bluewater Productions is set to release their comic "Political Power: Glenn Beck" in February. Darren Davis, President of Bluewater, had this to say about Glenn Beck the comic book and the man:

"We try to focus on figures that bring out a lot of passion for our biographies. Glenn Beck certainly does that. Whether you like his politics or you find them reprehensible, you most certainly have an opinion about him. I'm sure a lot of readers will want to know how the Glenn Beck surge got its start. This comic will show them."

Bluewater's "Political Power" series, a spinoff of their "Female Force" line, features a number of prominent figures in U.S. history, including Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Colin Powell. Placing Glenn Beck amongst such robust company would seem to suggest that the TV commentator and radio talkshow host holds quite a bit of "political power" -- or at least, a lot of controversy. But the comic promises to be more than a "best of" of Beck's famous/infamous career highlights:

"Here is someone who was so supremely talented he was working in radio and winning fans since he was 13," said Jerome Maida, the comic's author. "At the same time, he has had a very troubled and tragic life. So it was fascinating detailing how he overcame that to get to where he is today."

Will "Political Power: Glenn Beck" live up to the hype? Only time (and sales) will tell.


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