Want Some Gingerbread? Check Out The Nexus S!

If you Fandroids aren‘t welling up with tears of joy already, you might want to grab the tissue box. Google and Samsung have officially announced the Nexus S! It’s the first ever smartphone to come preloaded with the long-awaited Android 2.3/Gingerbread!

We know you’re excited, so we’re going to get right into the details. A really unique feature of the phone, aside from its OS, is the 4" Contour Display. The screen is curved to sit in you hand better and be more comfortable against cheek! Samsung has also built in two front and rear facing cameras. Google says the phone is very slim and this version of Android is the fastest yet. VoiP support, a new keyboard and new copy/paste features have been added. Not only that, some apps have been updated as well. For instance, the new YouTube app will now feature a personalized home screen feed and in-page video playback!

According to the post on Google’s Blog, internals include a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 16GB of internal memory and a gyroscope! NFC (Near Field Communication) has also been included in this beastly smartphone. NFC will let the device read NFC chips that can be found in anything from t-shirts to movie posters. This could make checking out movie posters at the theatre a whole new experience, allowing people to scan a chip and be directed to a new trailer or webpage for upcoming films.

The new Nexus S will be available after December 16th at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile retailers nationwide. You’ll be able to choose between an unlocked device for about $550 or you can pick one up for $199 with a 2-yr contract through T-Mobile. The Android Gingerbread SDK is available to developers now so hopefully we’ll being seeing some cool new apps in the near future!


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