QRapping Paper Gets Geeky With Holiday Spirit!

As we all know, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas is only a few weeks away and it’s time to get the creative gift-giving juices flowing! What better way to accentuate that geeky gift than with some geeky interactive wrapping paper?

Those of you in possession of high and mighty smartphones this holiday season can pick up wrapping paper designed specifically for you. QRapping paper has a bunch of QR codes printed all over it. So, when your loved ones are starring at that gift under the tree, shaking it with their brain in attempt to figure what the hell it is you got them, they can bust out their smartphone, scan one of the codes, kick back and enjoy some comical holiday videos!

Each sheet of this unique wrapping paper has over 50 codes on it, with each code leading you to a different holiday themed video! Whether it’s Santa being bothered by his cell phone or drunk carolers, this paper will surely get everyone into the happy holiday spirit.

QRapping paper comes in sheets rather than a roll, and you’ll get two 20”x30” sheets in a package. While the $20 price tag may make it a not so budget-friendly wrap, everyone has a certain friend or family member that would truly appreciate the creativity behind it. If you want the smartphones flying out at your upcoming holiday gathering, head over to QRappingpaper.com!


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