Plantariums Add Life To Your Gadget-Filled Workspace!

Amidst the tech-junkyard that is our workspace, it would be nice to have something reminding us of the real world. Not the paved roads and shopping malls of the real world, but the real, natural world. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my plastic man-made gadgets just as much as the next geek, but they don’t provide the same satisfaction as a garden.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, a pot full of dirt on your desk would eventually lead to some pretty frustrating clean-ups. Thankfully, with Plantariums you won’t have that problem. They use a NASA-approved gel to grow plants, right from seeds, in a miniature greenhouse display! The gel comes in a few different colors and you’ll be able to choose between growing basil, tomato, cucumber and rucola arugula plants.

The clean cut design and multiple colors of the Plantariums will fit in well with any gadget ridden area of your home or office and when the plants outgrow their closed off case they can be easily transplanted to one of the provided mini-pots or an outside garden. however they wont be any help in fending off the zombie hoard.

The Plantarium Garden Lab kit can be found at several retailers, including It includes three vials, each with a different color transparent gel and the “fool-proof” kit will set you back about $25 depending on where you go to get it. There are smaller kits that come with only one vial and cost about $10 less, and a super-size Plantarium that also costs about $25, so look around if you're interested!


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