Game of Thrones New Footage: First Impressions

Last night, HBO ran a 10-minute behind-the-scenes feature on Game of Thrones leading up to the Boardwalk Empire season finale. While it was filled with before-unseen footage, it also gave viewers a first time looks at some of the creative forces behind this production. Check out the full preview and our impressions below:

Inside Game of Thrones

• The show appears to be incredibly faithful to its source material. Several major plotlines are presented within A Game of Thrones, none of which begin to converge until much later in other books of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Where it would be extremely easy to cut one of these seemingly extraneous plots, such as Jon Snow’s adventures at The Wall or the Targaryens’ journey across the sea, it looks as though these events will be given plenty of screen time.

• Northern Ireland is proving to be the perfect filming location, as it looks spot on with the impressions of Westeros gathered from reading the books. The sets and locations are stunning, but not in the “Lord of the Rings” fashion of showing the viewer something larger than life. The “wow factor” here will come from a supreme attention to detail rather than flashy special effects. The works due to the fact that while A Game of Thrones does take place in a fantasy realm, its traditional fantasy elements are downplayed. For instance, strange creatures and magical powers do exist, but they are so barely present that many characters doubt their very existence.

• Peter Dinklage is proving himself to be the perfect casting of Tyrion Lannister. Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding over-use of special effects by having an actor of impaired height to play the treacherous imp, Dinklage has the mental qualifications to play the role. Simply put, he just sounds downright intelligent when he speaks. For a character that is able to exert an incredible influence on others through the careful use of words, it is very important to have a smart man who can talk his way out of a box. Fans can eagerly look forward to seeing Dinklage’s portrayal in some of Tyrion’s more slippery moments.


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