The Fantastic Four Through The Ages

With all the buzz surrounding the Fantastic Four following the announcement of the FF arc "3," Comic Social Club decided to pay tribute to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's beloved creation with this tribute of "The Fantastic Four Through The Ages" -- seen first here exclusively at MTV Geek!

Dinosaur FF: This quartet of cold-blooded prehistoric monsters is courtesy of "War of the Woods" creator Matthew Petz.

Caveman FF: Moving up the evolutionary ladder, Bobby Timony delivers his version of the fantastic foursome.

Dark Ages FF: Mike Zagari gives the crew a Monty Pythonesque flair

Feudal Japan FF: This pair of drawings by Juan Felipe Salcedo captures the Fantasic Four and Doctor Doom on the brink of an epic battle.

Renaissance Human Torch: Kevin Colden has Johnny Storm strikes a pose!

Conquistador FF: Daniel Govar provides his interpretation of the foursome as invaders

Art Nouveau FF: This elegant portrait of Reed, Johnny, Sue, and Ben is by Josh Adams

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