Juice Pack Plus Doubles iPhone Battery Life!

The iPhone’s non-removable battery has always been a frustrating aspect of the popular smartphone. Not giving users the option to buy a spare and swap it out when the power is low does not seem right. Thankfully third-party companies have taken it upon themselves to help us out.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is just one example, but the features this iPhone 4 case provides make it a stand out among competitors. Saying that this thing more than doubles the battery life of you iPhone is merely scratching the surface. It features a simple toggle switch so you choose when you want to use the back-up battery, and four LED lights on the exterior show you how much juice you have left. The LEDs also keep you updated on how much time is left in the charging process, and in lieu of all the antennae problems iPhone 4 has run into, the Juice Pack Plus promises it will not interfere. On top of all that, the new case comes with a pass through USB cable, allowing the phone to charge and sync with iTunes without being removed. It also features rubberized edges for a better grip and some protection, and the case acts as a speaker box providing us with better sound quality!

Available from Mophie.com, and soon at AT&T retailers nationwide, the Juice Pack Plus only comes in black right now. However, a recent press release announcing the cases' availability said the cyan, magenta and yellow flavors (shown in the image above) will be coming shortly! If you find yourself running on empty a lot this case could be a conversation saver. The $100 price tag may throw you off a bit, but you find all these features anywhere else.


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