A Bio-Punk Future Painted 'Fluorescent Black'

According to artist, Nathan Fox, which he worked on with writer M.F. Wilson and colorist Jeromy Cox, Fluorescent Black is a "bio-punk, sci-fi epic" that's set in the not-too-distant future. It tells the story of genetic modification gone berserk on the dirty, dystopian streets of Singapore. "This one is based on all genetics and science that exists today," Fox said in an interview from the MTV Geek skybox at the 2010 New York Comic Con. "You can alter anything. You have any aliment, you have any disease, anything terminal, it can be fixed on a biological, genetic level."

The main characters, who slum it in the er...slums, across the causeway from the city, are caught in a battle between two factions fighting to "free the gene" as Fox put it. "One is a major corporation trying to keep it under wraps and under patent, which includes everybody's genes, it doesn't matter what happens." In regards to the story's antiheroes he said, "In order to survive they have to find a way to fix themselves to get back into quote, unquote society and become perfect again." And what exactly needs to be fixed in the world of Fluorescent Black? "Anything that's not considered normal by the government in Singapore."

Fluorescent Black began life in the pages of Heavy Metal magazine where it ran in three parts over the course of three years. Now, the book has been released in both hardcover and soft cover editions complete with over 50 pages of extra content. "The hardcover came out and completely sold out at San Diego, which was rad." He added, "I'm just glad this is selling."

Thanks to the extreme success of this bio-punk masterpiece, a prequel is on the way...hopefully. "We're gonna see a lot of good people go bad and a lot of bad people go good, so it's gonna be a pretty introduction to the Fluorescent Black that's out now, once that get's crankin'."

"Fingers crossed," he added.

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