Support the Rebel Alliance With New Headphones!

Is your apparel lacking the visual support you should be showing for the Rebel Alliance? Do you need a new pair of headphones? ThinkGeek has an awesome pair that will not only shake your brain lose, they will be very helpful in thwarting the Sith’s attempts to enlist your services in the Empire.

The Star Wars Rebel Alliance headphones match perfectly with the classic orange color found in Rebel Pilot uniforms. And, the oh-so-familiar Rebel Alliance insignia fits nicely on the outside of each speaker. The headphones work with any standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the one on your smartphone, MP3 Player or tablet is most likely the right size, 3.5mm is pretty standard these days. The cord is about 76” long, and the speakers are 40mm with a max power output of 300mW.

You’ll be the talk of the cantina when you bust these bad boys out. When the lightsabers start swinging and the blaster fire starts heading your way, you’ll be able to quickly fold the headphones up and stash them in your cloak or helmet, (or whatever you wear in your Star Wars fantasy world) and get the hell out before any stray shots catch you off guard.

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Rebel Alliance headphones, you’ll have to let ThinkGeek take about 30 of your hard earned dollars up to light-speed. But, they are available now, so go check those out before the new recruits put their grubby little fingers all over them.


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