Hobby Game News Round-Up: Munchkin Zombies, Mouse Guard RPG, and more

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*Steve Jackson Games announced an April, 2011 release date for Munchkin Zombies in this tweet below. SJGames was also in attendance at BoardGameGeek.con, which ran from November 17-21st in Austin, TX. While there, the crew play-tested an unannounced Zombie Dice expansion with con attendees.

* Andrew Looney, founder of Looney Labs and the long-running line of Fluxx card games, announced that Pirate Fluxx has been sent off to the printer and will be released on February 11, 2011. This is the first follow-up to the series since Martian Fluxx in March 2010, a game that made several improvements on the Fluxx formula.

* Luke Crane, creator of the popular Burning Wheel RPG system, released two new products to the Burning Wheel online store. The first is a PDF version of the Mouse Guard RPG based on the popular David Peterson comic, and the second is a boxed set of the card-based sci-fi RPG FreeMarket. Later, Luke also shared a very interesting blog post by designer Daniel Solis, who wrote a case study on the design of logos and icons for Freemarket.

* Board games received some mainstream newsprint when the Washington Post ran an op/ed piece on The Settlers of Catan. In the column, Blake Eskin argued that Settlers is appropriate for our economic situation in the same way that Monopoly was perfect for its debut during the great depression. He goes on to urge shoppers to consider buying Settlers this holiday season instead of a re-branded classic. Of course, if your gift recipient already has Settlers, you could always pick something from the MTV Geek gift guide

*Memoir ’44, the popular World War II battle board game, extended its closed beta test of a new online game into an open beta test. Days of Wonder called for new volunteers to test out the game, and are still accepting new registrations on their website.


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