Kidrobot Simpsons Series II Review

Just imagine it: The excitement is palpable as your fingertips find purchase on the lip of a small, white cardboard box. The top easily tears away as you use more than enough force to expose the contents hidden inside. Shaking the box upside down causes a mirrored bag to fall upon the surface below. What’s inside? Small logos cover the foil package as it shines eerily in the light. You recognize the smiling android heads that are spaced periodically over its surface. Yes, my friends, this is what awaits you in the unyielding mystery of Kidrobot’s Simpsons Series II designer vinyl mini-figures. MTV Geek recently finagled a few of these, and today we’re gonna throw back the curtains of the unknown and tell you all about ‘em!

Here’s the sweet tease from the fine folks at Kidrobot:

Woo hoo! Matt Groening and Kidrobot join forces once again to embiggen your vinyl collection! This new 25-character series features some of Springfield's most notable citizens, including extended family members and lovable barflies, as well as alternate versions of your favorite nuclear family. Keep your eyes peeled for two top-secret chases!

Secret chase figures? Do you wanna know what the 2 secret chase figures are?! Well good, cause we managed to pull them BOTH from the 5 blind-boxed figures we opened!

Abe Simpson

Abe “Grampa” Simpson: As one of the last surviving members of the Flying Hellfish, and Homer’s Dad; Abe knows a thing or two about living through battle conditions. Of course, staying at the Springfield Retirement Castle my just be worse. The Grampa Simpson figure is the first of the secret chase figures we were surprised to find. He comes packaged with his stylin’ fez, thick lensed glasses, and an art card/sticker by Matt Groening.

Disco Stu

Disco Stu: "Disco Stu doesn't advertise." This glitzy wonder was our second secret figure, and is a great representation of the character. The coolest cat in Springfield (during 1976) features his puffed hair and pink sunglasses to complement the flame-emblazoned disco suit. Disco Stu is rated as being ??/??, which basically means that no one knows really what quantity of this toy was produced. We’re guessing more than one… just to be on the safe side. Disco Stu also comes with a card/sticker depicting this very toy, by the artist.

Sea Captain and Herman

The other 3 mini-figures we lucked out on were just as cool as the chase figures. They were:

Sea Captain: This salty dog has his trademark pipe jutting out between his bearded lips. With one eye squinted, The Sea Captain recounts his incredibly creepy stories of the ocean to anyone who will listen while running his restaurant, The Frying Dutchman, into the ground. This figure of Horatio McAllister is spot-on just like the rest of the line and also comes with the requisite art card/sticker featuring his smiling mug.

Herman: Herman is the one-armed scoundrel that runs the local army surplus store in Springfield. The fact that his vinyl figure is smoking a cigarette only adds to his rebel-cool. Hell, his white trash facial hair, coupled with his missing appendage; put Herman at the top of our list of favorites! The enclosed art card/sticker really captures the essence of that crazy-eyed militia man. This guy lost his arm in a horrible accident when he recklessly stuck it out the school bus window. Speaking of school buses…

Disco Stu and Otto

Otto: The hard rockin’ school bus driver is yet another quickly recognizable character from the hit show. He’s wearing the usual ball cap and Walkman with headphones. The headphones are tethered to Otto’s body by their cord, but can be moved off and on his head. You just know he’s listening to a little Guns N’ Roses while careening that bus over a cliff as the kids all scream in horror! His art card/sticker is the only one to feature very much variation from the finished vinyl toy. The card shows Otto wearing a beaded bracelet on his right wrist, while the figure itself has none.

The paint on each of these figures is exactly as it should be. All of the lines are clean and without any fuzzing. You can really tell this is an artistic line for collectors thanks to the fine attention paid to the graphics. The arms move up and down and the heads swivel. Also, the heads are removable; and since these figures all share the same body, switching them out is a breeze!

We love these little guys, and now the addiction of opening these blind-boxed figures has taken hold full force! There are even 1/100 versions of the main Simpson family sculpted to look like zombies! If you wanna join us in scoring this plastic-crack, then feel free to hit up Kidrobot's official site and see what Simpsons Series II figures you can snag too!


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