Furry and Ferocious: Masters of the Universe Classics Grizzlor Review

Meet the hairiest member of Hordak's Horde...Grizzlor!

The original He-Man & The Masters of the Universe figures featured some of the most memorable gimmicks in action figure history. From Roboto’s turning gears to Snout Spout’s water squirting action; some Masters figures have been known more for their features than their character’s persona on the show. Grizzlor is definitely one of those. Thanks to the thick fur that covered his body, Grizzlor made his way into the hands (and hearts) of kids everywhere. While action features are pretty much out of the question in the Master of the Universe Classics figure line, some (like Roboto’s gears) are being added if they don’t interrupt the sculpt. The new version of Grizzlor was released on mattycollector.com on November 15th and, yes, his trademark hair was present and accounted for. Now let’s go over this MOTUC Grizzlor figure with a fine-tooth comb… literally.

According to the Classics bio, Grizzlor’s real name is Gur’rull Gu’rrooowarrrk. We’re not screwing with you. That is REALLY the name printed on his cardback, and we don’t know how to pronounce it. We’re pretty much guessing it’s like the sound a Wookie makes after being punched in the junk. Grizzlor was just some peace-lovin’ hairball from the planet Jungulia (we’ll let you guess as to what type of terrain covered that place) before being abducted by The Horde Empire and brainwashed into becoming one of Hordak’s loyal lackeys. He was apparently also present during Hordak’s battle with King Grayskull and He-Ro; which, accounts for his being banished to Despondos with the rest of The Horde. Oh, and Grizzlor became the “Boogyman” of Eternia thanks to his name being invoked to scare Eternian children since, y’know, living in a world where Skeletor, Beastman, and Trap-Jaw run amok on a daily basis isn’t nearly frightening enough! Cruel parents, those Eternians.

Grizzlor shares a lot of his sculpt with the previously released Beastman and Chief Carnivus figures. It’s tough to tell at first glance though, since most of his body is sewn up in a fur singlet. Beneath the hairy exterior lies the sculpted fur-covered chest and familiar loincloth. In fact, the loincloth’s belt is even fully painted in the same yellow shade as Grizzlor’s chest harness. The head is all new and is made up of three parts: the base, the fur “wig”, and the face. Originally, Grizzlor was going to be released with multiple faces; one vintage, and one inspired by the Four Horsemen-sculpted 200X Staction. However, after a mandate from higher up the corporate ladder, the 200X version was scrapped. The vintage face is very well done with Grizzlor’s features being carved with heavy wrinkles, giving his skin an almost leather-like appearance. His fangs are bared and he appears to not be in the best of moods. Grizzlor also shows his Horde affiliation in his sculpt. He’s sporting the same sweet armband as Hordak, and also has the Horde logo emblazoned on his chest and boots. Hordak’s face is plastered all over this guy! Our only real wish is that Grizzlor had at least one open hand, so he could be posed performing one of those legendary claw attacks that are mentioned in the bio.

The paint on Grizzlor is very minimal. Most if the figure is either covered in fur or molded in the

correct colored plastic. What paint IS used is well done and adds to the appearance. Grizzlor’s eyes are a glossy red with small yellow pupils dotted cleanly in the middle. His bracelets are a dark gold with bright yellow defining the studs. This same color-scheme is used on his harness straps. In the center of the harness, the Horde symbol is a deep red that’s accentuated by airbrushed areas of a darker hue to bring out the sculptural details. This same technique has been used on the sculpted-fur areas and face of the figure, although ever so slightly. Grizzlor’s hands are detailed with a dark brown covering the palm and black applied to those fearsome claws he’s known so well for. Finally, his boots are a deep matte-finished gray with a metallic trim around the top and red Horde logos on the front. There is also a darker shade airbrushed onto the boots which fade lighter the higher it goes.

Grizzlor has the standard MOTUC articulation regardless of how it looks. Actually, the fur hiding some articulation spots helps once again to make this figure stand out from the others. Ol’ Hairy McFurrypants features: ball-joint head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, hinged ankles & “rocker” ankles. The waist and torso hinge are hindered somewhat by the fur; but mostly due to worry over ripping the cloth over the joints not working well. In fact, they seem to move quite easily. Grizzlor’s joints (on the figure we reviewed) are overall very tight and responsive, except for his left knee. It tends to flop loosely when he’s standing straight; but, when posed at about mid-turn (where he would be in a crouch) it stiffens up. Annoying? Yes. A deal-breaker? Not at all. Chatter online indicates that we weren’t the only ones with this problem, and thankfully a quick search of MOTUC-centric forums (like He-man.org) also lists a simple fix. It involves glue though, so we’re not gonna list it here. We’re not takin’ the fall if you accidentally mess up your figure…or glue yourself to something, or someone.

Grizzlor features a ton of accessories. Considering the vintage figure was pretty much just a feral beast, you can thank the 200X interpretation of the character for these. First up is the loincloth/codpiece. It attaches easily around Grizzlor’s waist and adds a little color to his nether regions; which, as we all know, never hurts…unless it's due to a rash. This accessory really helps to cement his look from the 2002 cartoon and Staction. The paint on it is tight, and he looks good with or without it. The back of chest harness features a number of grooves and hooks in order to attach all of his weaponry. This is definitely a bonus since he comes with so many utensils of pain. Grizzlor has a long sword, a short sword (both feature machete-like blades), an axe (almost like a wicked hatchet), and his Horde-appointed crossbow. The swords and axe are a metallic gray/silver and look very, very cool. These are weapons we would gladly toss in other character’s hands thanks to their sleek appearance. The crossbow, on the other hand, is kind of an eyesore. It’s an odd shade of green, and while matching the original version, just doesn’t look that good with the color-scheme of this figure. The sculpt is nice, but it would have been better off being red and/or silver like the one released in the first Weapons Pak.

Okay, so that pretty much sums up the ins and outs of Grizzlor. Now we’ll leave you with a couple observations about the figure since he’s different from most. The fur tends to shed if pulled on, even the slightest bit. While we don’t think he’ll end up with big empty patches, we do think you’ll want to keep that in mind before brushing him like he’s your own little pony. Also, the weapon rack on his back CAN be removed from the rest of the harness if you’re interested in (like us) setting him up in his truly vintage look. Really, this figure is one of those that we were unsure about at first; but, after having him open are completely sold on just how badass Grizzlor truly is. He has definitely worked his way into the “recommended” category. However, if this guy were real we would not want to be anywhere near him; not because of his ferocity, but because he would surely have S@#t matted into his fur. That’s just way too damn much hair down there! He’s like an ungroomed sheepdog! Poor, poor Grizzlor… no wonder the angry disposition.


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