Crossovers We Want To See: Just A Pilgrim vs. The Great Pumpkin

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Just A Pilgrim vs. The Great Pumpkin

Written by Garth Ennis

Drawn by Carlos Ezquerra

The Story: In a post apocalyptic future where the sun got real big and burned up most of the water on the planet, the unnamed character who starred in Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra's Just a Pilgrim and its sequel Garden of Eden for Black Bull comics roams the barren Earth in search of water. The former cannibal finds himself in the remnants of what looks like a farm and is shocked to see twisted roots winding all around a dilapidated old farmhouse. Wondering what could create such strange vegetation, our hero wanders into the middle of the field only to have the ground give way. Falling into a dark, dank hole, the Pilgrim finds himself face to face with a giant, leering face that, as his eyes adjust, reveal the terrifying and distorted face of the Great Pumpkin.

Flanked by an army of mutant turkeys, the Pilgrim defends himself as best he can only to find another survivor wrapped in a blue shroud in the underground caverns. Thinking he's found himself an ally, our hero soon discovers that the kid worships the pumpkin and that the two have been feeding off of one another, helping each other survive since the burn. Pilgrim puts up a hell of a fight, taking out most of the mutant turkeys and even putting a bullet in the Great Pumpkin's acolyte, but his fate remains uncertain as he staggers, battered and bloody towards the monster with nothing but a large knife to defend himself.

We actually wouldn't be surprised if this holiday themed sequel hadn't crossed Ennis' mind at one point in time, but never got produced because of Black Bull's eventual disintegration and the obvious legal entanglements. Seems like a writer of his caliber could still get the job done and might as well bring Ezquerra back to the table and do this up right!


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